Metrodome roof collapse

Um, I would guess they won’t be playing a game here for quite some time…


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Six Degrees of a Nice Beaver

Ok, so Leslie Nielson died.  This is a very sad day for those who love movies and especially slap-stick comedies.  Nielson may not be the king of one-liners (see Dangerfield) but he is certainly up there.  All of us movie lovers will miss him greatly.

As I was pondering it today, for some reason I was thinking about the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.  I don’t know why (probably the fact that I’ve had 3 hours of sleep in two days), but it got me thinking.  Can we invent a similar game with actors that have just died?  Probably.  But can we do the same thing if every move had to be sports-related?  Much…much harder.  Let’s try it.

Start with Kevin Bacon.

Bacon was in the Air Up There directed by Paul M. Glaser.  (That’s one)

Mr. Glaser also directed the woman cult hit The Cutting Edge.  (That’s two and I have seen that movie more than once.  (I am currently shaking my head in shame)).

The Cutting Edge starred D. B. Sweeney.  (Has any seen that guy lately?  Oh, that’s right.  The Event.  Still haven’t heard anything good about that show.)



D. B. Sweeney starred in a episode of Tales From the Crypt in 1994.  (This is not sports-related, I know, but you try this and see where you get.)

Do you know who else starred in an episode of Tales?

That’s right, boys and girls, Priscilla Presley.

I think you get the rest.

With the exception of one hiccup, I did it.  Wow, I like this game.  If someone can do it better, with only sports themes lemme know.

Okay, now I must go rent The Cutting Edge.  My….uh…..girlfriend wants to see it.

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Think Tank Episode 3.0!

Think Tank Episode 3

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Theories, Observations and Tips No. 1

…Or, what’s been going on this week in my brain…

You can teach your toddler to not develop an addictive personality. Seriously, you can. Maybe. For those of you with small children, this may make a little bit of sense. What are you in constant search of as the parent of a toddler? Silence? Peace? Sanity? Love? All of the above? When you find something that your child likes (maybe a shiny new toy), when do you take it away from them? Probably not while they are contented by it, right? No, you wait until they are fed up with it, and then you find a new way of entertaining them. Let me launch this idea at you, though: What if you DID take it away while they were enjoying it? Would it be mean? Yes. Would it be to your immediate detriment? Absolutely. BUT, would it also serve as a barrier to your child’s need to be contented by outside influences, and thus learn to rely only on themselves for happiness? I, uh, think so. But hey, I’m no doctor.

You should be able to make an Energy Smoothie at home without a blender or expensive supplements. And guess what? You can. Pay close attention as I give step-by-step directions…

       Step 1: Purchase a Five Hour Energy.

       Step 2: Purchase a gas-station-sized bottled (12 oz) juice drink. I use grapefruit juice. Orange juice is also good.

       Step 3: Freeze the juice. This is the hardest step.

       Step 4: If you completely freeze the juice, let it thaw just enough to shake it.

       Step 5: Take a healthy swig of the juice, just enough to allow enough room to pour the Five Hour in.

       Step 6: Pour the Five Hour into the frozen juice.

       Step 7: Shake vigorously.

       Step 8: Drink

       Step 9: You’re welcome.

Billy Beane really regrets the Matt Holliday fiasco. By acquiring David DeJesus and Edwin Encarnacion in the past week, it seems as though the A’s are really trying to put together a winning team that has the potential to get them over the top. This, despite a net loss in the two Holliday deals tells me that Beane probably believes that if he can win now, maybe nobody will notice that 1) he got out-Moneyballed by the Giants, and 2) the Holliday fiasco was a horrible idea that could come back to haunt him unless the A’s can continue to stay competitive on the field. I expect to see even more moves by the A’s during this off-season.

Thank you for reading. Now, get out of my head.


Four-by-Four Picks 11/14/2001

HERE ARE THE RULES: Jason and I will each pick four players every week: one quarterback, one running back, one wide receiver, and one tight end. The four players they decide upon may not be used again by their respective owner for the remainder of the season. Using Yahoo!’s fantasy scoring system, we will declare the winner as the one having the most fantasy points each week, and the winner for the season being the one with the most weekly victories. In the event of a tie, we will fight to the death.




QB: Peyton Manning (Colts) – An obvious choice. The big news here is that Jason can’t use Peyton again this season.

RB: Frank Gore (49ers) –  Always a solid play. St. Louis is better than people think, though. Against the run, their defense is 8th in the league. On the plus side, San Fran still has no QB, so they have no choice but to pound the ball with Gore.

WR: DeSean Jackson (Eagles) – As Jason noted on the podcast, Jackson has a potentially tough matchup this week, vs the Redskins and DeAngelo Hall. This type of game lends itself toward the boom or bust picks, though, and that’s Jackson just about every week.

TE: Jacob Tamme (Colts) – A nice little sleeper pick. Tamme has some people questioning if Dallas Clark may be a bit overrated the way he has stepped in and not missed a beat.


QB: Ryan Fitzpatrick (Bills) – The Bills need a win. Badly. Fitzpatrick is playing well. Mostly. Seems like a boom or bust play here.

RB: Arian Foster (Texans) – Get at least one stud in your lineup every week is the mantra of this game, and Foster is most definitely a stud, particularly against Jacksonville.

WR: Andre Johnson (Texans) – Ok, new mantra: TWO studs are better than one. Although teaming Johnson with Foster may turn out to be a bad decision. We’ll have to wait and see.

TE: Dustin Keller (Jets) – I mentioned on the podcast that this pick was made purely as an attempt to reverse jinx my actual fantasy opponent this week. Seems like flawed reasoning, but a good way to cover all bases.


Listen to next week’s podcast for our Week 11 picks.

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Podcast Tidbits

This episode would have been aptly titled, “The one in which Josh makes a veiled reference to a popular youtube clip.” Specifically, this one:

Also, we made up a game. We’re calling it “Four By Four”, and just for fun we gave it some rules. Here are the basics:
Each person picks one each: a QB, WR, RB, TE. Standard fantasy scoring, most points wins. Each week a contestant must pick four NEW players. Can’t use the same guys twice.

We discussed our favorite alternate jerseys, including this one:

Enjoy the show…

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Think Tank Episode 2.0

In this episode:  Joe Morgan gets canned, a Duke fan passes out…on the can, we debate consistent vs. clutch, The Bad Call of the Week, and more!  Check it out!  Email your thoughts at!

ThinkTank Episode 2.0

Sports Randomness
Think Tank Podcast
Sports Randomness
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Josh Illes

Think Tank 2.0
Josh Illes
In this episode: Joe Morgan gets canned, a Duke fan passes out…on the can, we debate consistent vs. clutch, The Bad Call of the Week, and more! Check it out! Email your thoughts at!
Thursday, November 11, 2010
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