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Five Surprise Predictions For The NBA Season

"Lot of potential. Just didn't work. Thumbs down from me."

“Shaking My Head”

As I sit here to write this, The new-look Miami Heat have just been embarassed by the Celtics in Boston, and rings have just been presented to the Lakers in Los Angeles. These are the two capital cities of NBA-land, make no mistake, and judging by the raucousness of the crowd in Boston tonight the NBA is doing well with them as their flagships.

But as we all know, there are a few teams that will be doing their best to steal that spotlight this year. Obviously the Heat, with their three-headed monster, are poised for years of greatness, but other teams are also very close to breaking out. In no particular order, the Jazz, Bulls, Thunder, and Hawks are teams with tremendous upside that could all challenge for a title this year. The NBA seems poised for a nice little run if these teams can live up to the hype, and this should be a great transition year.

The best thing about a transition year is the likelihood that there will be plenty of surprises. Certain players may have excellent seasons that seemingly come out of nowhere. Sure we see surprises every year (Did anyone think Monta Ellis would be a top-6 scorer last year? Or that Zach Randolph would have 57 double-doubles? Ok, fine, but I didn’t, ok?), but this year could be just crazy enough to leave us shaking our heads (SMH? SOH’s?). Or we won’t shake our heads. Maybe some will, but not others. Really, it’s personal preference. Anyway, yeah, take a look at five things that will make me shake my head (SMH), maybe.

Lebron James will average 35 points per game.  This may not seem like that big of a stretch, but the fact is that LeBron has never averaged more than the 31.4 he averaged in 05-06, so 35 would be significantly higher than his career high. Also, joining the Heat was supposed to lighten Lebron’s workload not raise it, right? Wrong. At least, according to what we saw tonight. This team is going to rely on Lebron very heavily, and even an injury to a role player (Their best option to replace Mike Miller is Jerry Stackhouse? Seriously?) will leave them with such little depth that James, Wade, and Bosh will probably all average at least 25. We’ve never seen a team built this way. We have NO IDEA what will happen. This could be awesome.

The Lakers will not finish as the #1 seed in the West.   This could just simply be me being sick of the Lakers run, but I feel like they could easily just have one of those years where they take it a little too easy during the regular season. The Bulls did loosened up somewhat toward the end of their run, although never to the point where they lost the #1 seed. So, if the Lakers do it this year, it will merely prove my point: Kobe Bryant is no Michael Jordan. Maybe only myself, Jordan, and Jordan’s son believe this, but if this happens I think it would be  definitive proof.

The NBA will set an all-time attendance record.   The league has been holding steady for a few years now, and the current attendance record was set just five years ago. The other curiosity that year? The Miami Heat on a title run. Coincidence? Maybe, but let’s say that it’s not. The Heat are prominent once again, and the league as a whole has buzz, and I think it will translate at the ticket office.

The Knicks will win a playoff series.   With the addition of A’mare Stoudamire, the Knicks will definitely see some improvement, but I have yet to hear anyone saying that they will actually win a series. If they could somehow finish as at least a #6 seed, they would have a chance to do just that. Maybe they would run into a Bulls or Celtics team that is beat up at the end of the year. All of a sudden the NBA would have awoken the sleeping giant market, and talk of Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony maybe, possibly heading to NYC would dominate ESPN. It could get nauseating. Don’t blame me.

Craig Sager will go too far with one of his outfits and draw a fine from the NBA. Just like all scandals, this will be awkward and hilarious, but would I be surprised if the colorful TNT/TBS analyst just showed up one day with some sort of inappropriate tie, or a “Vote for Sharron Angle” button on his blazer? Nope, not at all. Although, I’m not sure what everyone would tweet about without “Sages” around for a game or two.

These are all guaranteed to come true, so just write them down now. Or just bookmark the page I guess. Your call.

Here are a few more predictions:

East Champ: Bulls

West Champ: Lakers

NBA champion: Lakers

MVP: Derrick Rose

Rookie of the Year: DeMarcus Cousins


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New Kid on the Block….not the “dreamy” Joey either.

The title brings me to a question:  What was your favorite NKOTB song?  Personally, I liked “Cover Girl.”  I’m not afraid to admit the fact that I listened when I was younger; a guilty pleasure that I can’t deny.  It’s like my obsession with the “Smallville” series. (Come back Lex.)

I would thank my counter-part for the introduction.  All three words of it.  Since this is my introductory blog (and my first blog ever), I would like to allow myself to introduce…..myself.

I work in the radio industry as Sports Director for a public radio station in Indianapolis.  I am a play-by-play commentator and reporter for the radio station.  I am also a student and write articles for the school newspaper as well.  This is all a learning process, so hopefully I will grow as my career grows and we all grow together  (Is that weird?  Did I just make it weird?).  Aside from my career, I serve tables at a local restaurant in Indy and I am a dad of an amazing 8-year-old girl.

(Damn.  This kinda sounds like an online dating profile.  “I like the outdoors, rain, long walks on the beach…”)

So why the information?  Because I might talk about any of this on a random basis.  (Hence sports randomness.)

The podcast is a work in progress.  “The Think Tank” will be up and running by the beginning of November and you should be able to find it through the site here or on iTunes.  In it we will focus on the fantasy world in sports, but a little more in depth.  We will talk about players, but also league settings and formats and what other fantasy “experts” are saying.  We will also dabble in the pop culture world and just about anything else related to the world of sports we love so much. Any mention of “Glee” will be strictly prohibited.

More to come from me and the rest of the crew at Sports Randomness.  I have now found my New Kids cd….

Oh, sweet melodies……

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Under (long overdue) Construction

Sometimes life gets in the way of doing the things we actually like to do in our spare time. Sometimes it’s a new baby, sometimes it’s more responsibilities at work, sometimes you just feel like being a slacker. In my case, I’d answer D) “All Of The Above”.

But allow me to stop digressing and start progressing toward the point, which is that grand happenings are a-coming. The baby will be 1 in December, so it’s time to get off my lazy ass and start writing again.

Not just writing, but also podcasting. Jason and I are in the collaborating and idea-forming stage of developing “The Think Tank”, a weekly podcast produced in the studios of the University of Indianapolis and available here at the site.

Not just writing and podcasting, but also, um, well maybe that is it for now. But in the future we hope to have more contributors on board that share our love and disdain for all things encapsulated under the moniker of “Sport”.

Stay tuned..

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