Under (long overdue) Construction

Sometimes life gets in the way of doing the things we actually like to do in our spare time. Sometimes it’s a new baby, sometimes it’s more responsibilities at work, sometimes you just feel like being a slacker. In my case, I’d answer D) “All Of The Above”.

But allow me to stop digressing and start progressing toward the point, which is that grand happenings are a-coming. The baby will be 1 in December, so it’s time to get off my lazy ass and start writing again.

Not just writing, but also podcasting. Jason and I are in the collaborating and idea-forming stage of developing “The Think Tank”, a weekly podcast produced in the studios of the University of Indianapolis and available here at the site.

Not just writing and podcasting, but also, um, well maybe that is it for now. But in the future we hope to have more contributors on board that share our love and disdain for all things encapsulated under the moniker of “Sport”.

Stay tuned..

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