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Six Degrees of a Nice Beaver

Ok, so Leslie Nielson died.  This is a very sad day for those who love movies and especially slap-stick comedies.  Nielson may not be the king of one-liners (see Dangerfield) but he is certainly up there.  All of us movie lovers will miss him greatly.

As I was pondering it today, for some reason I was thinking about the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.  I don’t know why (probably the fact that I’ve had 3 hours of sleep in two days), but it got me thinking.  Can we invent a similar game with actors that have just died?  Probably.  But can we do the same thing if every move had to be sports-related?  Much…much harder.  Let’s try it.

Start with Kevin Bacon.

Bacon was in the Air Up There directed by Paul M. Glaser.  (That’s one)

Mr. Glaser also directed the woman cult hit The Cutting Edge.  (That’s two and I have seen that movie more than once.  (I am currently shaking my head in shame)).

The Cutting Edge starred D. B. Sweeney.  (Has any seen that guy lately?  Oh, that’s right.  The Event.  Still haven’t heard anything good about that show.)



D. B. Sweeney starred in a episode of Tales From the Crypt in 1994.  (This is not sports-related, I know, but you try this and see where you get.)

Do you know who else starred in an episode of Tales?

That’s right, boys and girls, Priscilla Presley.

I think you get the rest.

With the exception of one hiccup, I did it.  Wow, I like this game.  If someone can do it better, with only sports themes lemme know.

Okay, now I must go rent The Cutting Edge.  My….uh…..girlfriend wants to see it.


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Think Tank Episode 3.0!

Think Tank Episode 3

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Think Tank Episode 2.0

In this episode:  Joe Morgan gets canned, a Duke fan passes out…on the can, we debate consistent vs. clutch, The Bad Call of the Week, and more!  Check it out!  Email your thoughts at srthinktank@gmail.com!

ThinkTank Episode 2.0


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Josh Illes

Think Tank 2.0
Josh Illes
In this episode: Joe Morgan gets canned, a Duke fan passes out…on the can, we debate consistent vs. clutch, The Bad Call of the Week, and more! Check it out! Email your thoughts at srthinktank@gmail.com!
Thursday, November 11, 2010
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New Kid on the Block….not the “dreamy” Joey either.

The title brings me to a question:  What was your favorite NKOTB song?  Personally, I liked “Cover Girl.”  I’m not afraid to admit the fact that I listened when I was younger; a guilty pleasure that I can’t deny.  It’s like my obsession with the “Smallville” series. (Come back Lex.)

I would thank my counter-part for the introduction.  All three words of it.  Since this is my introductory blog (and my first blog ever), I would like to allow myself to introduce…..myself.

I work in the radio industry as Sports Director for a public radio station in Indianapolis.  I am a play-by-play commentator and reporter for the radio station.  I am also a student and write articles for the school newspaper as well.  This is all a learning process, so hopefully I will grow as my career grows and we all grow together  (Is that weird?  Did I just make it weird?).  Aside from my career, I serve tables at a local restaurant in Indy and I am a dad of an amazing 8-year-old girl.

(Damn.  This kinda sounds like an online dating profile.  “I like the outdoors, rain, long walks on the beach…”)

So why the information?  Because I might talk about any of this on a random basis.  (Hence sports randomness.)

The podcast is a work in progress.  “The Think Tank” will be up and running by the beginning of November and you should be able to find it through the site here or on iTunes.  In it we will focus on the fantasy world in sports, but a little more in depth.  We will talk about players, but also league settings and formats and what other fantasy “experts” are saying.  We will also dabble in the pop culture world and just about anything else related to the world of sports we love so much. Any mention of “Glee” will be strictly prohibited.

More to come from me and the rest of the crew at Sports Randomness.  I have now found my New Kids cd….

Oh, sweet melodies……

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